Detox foot patches are products that bravely offer the possibility of eliminating toxins from the body. A question that, to this day, seems to be addressed from a multitude of fields and not always with all the success that would be expected. This is the reason why many experts are absolutely skeptical of the real capabilities of this method. Detoxifying patches use ingredients such as tree sap or bamboo vinegar for their preparation, emitting a kind of infrared energy as a chemical response to the behavior of a body full of toxic substances.

The real utility of detox foot patches

  • The defenders of this detox methodology affirm that the patches manage to eliminate toxins from our body continuously, and can be used indefinitely until the moment when it is no longer wet -which supposedly means that all the disposable substances in our body have been eliminated
  • Thus, detox foot patches are indicated for problems such as back pain, muscle tension, premature aging, chronic fatigue, poor circulation, fluid retention, cold hands, sedentary lifestyle, knee pain or postpartum convalescence.
  • Although there are many publications that defend foot patches as an effective method to eliminate toxins from the body, the truth is that, to this day, there is absolutely no scientific evidence to prove the real efficiency of this therapy.
  • Given this scenario, it is pertinent to visit the family doctor before trying these patches in order to obtain a more accurate diagnosis of our anomalies and to receive professional recommendations on the model to follow when purifying our body.
  • In the event that we decide to take a risk, despite the null evidence on the real efficacy of detox foot patches, we must bear in mind that we should not use these products in the event that our skin is in a very irritated state. Otherwise, we could aggravate the anomaly severely.


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