The mixed detox diet of vegetable and fruit recipes is a type of detox regimen intended to provide a large amount of vitamins, water, minerals, and antioxidants in a short space of time to activate the diuretic functions of the body.

Hence flushing effectively all the toxins that have been accumulated in different organs that make up the digestive system.

It must be taken into account that a mixed detox diet of vegetable and fruit recipes are foods rich in fiber and phytochemicals, which is why they are capable of avoiding constipation.

A mixed detox diet of vegetable and fruit recipes neutralizes the toxic substances provided by the presence of free radicals.

Have you ever thought about the quantity of toxic food we consume in our bodies, daily?

Carefully think about it and you will be shocked at how careless we can be when work takes all of our time—and probably we think we are too busy to eat healthy.

That’s because we normally prefer eating fast food, surgery drinks, canned food, and fries which are so many unhealthy fats and toxins to our body system.

The fact is that you don’t remain the same when you eat this junk! It hurts your entire body system. It takes a great toll on your body. It overwork your digestive organs and stresses your immune system.

It makes sense when you consider a mixed detox diet of vegetable and fruit recipes.

Sometimes short breaks are taken from work, alongside brief rest periods amidst work hours and a whole day or two to rest the body during the weekend.

That’s the right thing we need to do to keep our bodies in good health. We need to create time for our system to get rid of the toxins, the same way we get rid of the stress and anxiety during vacations.

A mixed detox diet of vegetable and fruit recipes are cleansing foods that can support our body’s detox. 

Types Of Mixed Detox Diet Of Vegetable And Fruit Recipes

#1. Beets

Surprisingly beets taste sweet, this adjective is not usually applied to a vegetable.

3-day fruit and vegetable cleanse

Because it’s a vegetable, they are usually healthy. Beets are packed with lutein and zeaxanthin which both have antioxidant properties, which is recommended because they decrease your chances of contracting chronic eye illness like cataracts.

The leaves can also be included when you’re blending it with varieties of veggies since they contain calcium and iron (which are good for the bones), as well as beta-carotene which is a powerful antioxidant.

#2. Cabbage

Inherently, cabbage has a high level of water content that makes it suitable for the elimination of toxins from the body.

This affordable vegetable also contains lots of vitamin C and folate to aid the nerve and immune system to function appropriately.

#3. Carrots

Carrots can help fight cancer because they are healthy to consume. They are known for their great source of vitamin A content.

Other essential vitamins and minerals include zinc, potassium, manganese, fiber, vitamin K, and Vitamin E just to name a few.

Here’s a fun fact, did you know that people first grew carrots as medicine, not food? So yes, carrots are healthy and should be included in any detox you are thinking of doing

#4. Sweet Potatoes

These are roots that are edible and can offer a lot of potassium as well as vitamins C and A. They are fat-free starchy root vegetables.

Sweet potatoes are so nutrient-dense that some argue that it is the most nutritious vegetable.

7-day fruit and vegetable cleanse

3-Day Fruit And Vegetable Cleanse

Although the formats in which a mixed detox diet of vegetable and fruit recipes can impact your health are quite varied -so we recommend prior consultation with a nutrition professional.

Below are examples of a 3-day fruit and vegetable cleanse menu.

#1. First Day: For breakfast carrot and grapefruit juice with a low-fat yogurt; in the middle of the morning an apple and grape juice.

For lunch, a mixed vegetable salad with a portion of boiled potatoes and a pear; For snack, a skimmed yogurt with an orange; at dinner a bowl of brown rice with steamed zucchini and a low-fat yogurt.

mixed detox diet of vegetable and fruit meal plan

#2. Second Day: At breakfast, lemon juice sweetened with brown sugar, honey, or stevia, 30 grams of oat flakes, and 150 ml of skimmed milk; in the middle of the morning a peach and grape juice.

At lunch vegetable soup, cooked lentils, and an orange; in the snack a skimmed yogurt with two tangerines; for dinner, grilled artichokes with a bowl of brown rice and low-fat yogurt.

#3. Third Day: At breakfast 30 grams of oat flakes with skimmed yogurt and orange juice; in the middle of the morning an apple with a little celery.

At lunch stir-fried vegetables with boiled potatoes and mushrooms, two oranges, and a handful of grapes; at snack a pear; at dinner a mixed vegetable salad, a spinach omelet, and a low-fat yogurt.


I must make this point very clear, as I see a lot of people in our modern world trying to take shortcuts during detox diet programs. when it comes to consuming their vegetables. What do I mean by that?

I mean no canned fruits or vegetables!

Yes, it makes it easier to heat up and will last longer in your pantry, but you lose many of the fundamental benefits of fresh vitamins and minerals that only fresh produce can guarantee.


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