Detox diets are a global trend in the nutrition and weight loss sector thanks, above all, to the tremendous promotion that many celebrities from the world of fashion and cinema carry out.

These are eating routines that suggest weight loss in a few days, along with purifying cleansing of the body, basing food planning on the almost exclusive consumption of fruits and vegetables. However, all that glitters are not gold, since many nutritionists have emphasized the powerful rebound effect that they are associated with.

The rebound effect in detox diets

  • One of the keys to detox diets is that hunger signals are satisfied with the enormous amount of antioxidants and sugars that both juices and smoothies have, reaching the bloodstream thanks to the secretion of insulin.
  • However, after half an hour, blood sugar levels begin to drop and it is at that time when the first headaches -or even weakness and dizziness- begin to appear, because the body has not received all the calories you need. From that moment on, the body begins to use glycogen stores as a source of energy.
  • Once the glycogen stores are exhausted, the body will take energy from proteins and triglycerides, which are found mainly in the muscles. Reason why, muscle mass begins to diminish regardless of the physical exercise we do throughout the day. Once this phase is entered, the body will generate ketones and the absence of glucose will cause abnormalities such as headaches, lack of concentration and irritability.
  • Once the days have passed and the detox diet has been completed, the body will effectively lower the lipid level and, of course, it will purify itself by having dispensed with products such as industrial foods, sugary soft drinks, animal fats or alcohol. Despite this, our body will also have lost a significant amount of muscle mass and metabolism will have altered, so that in the following days it will be much more difficult for us to burn fat due to the disproportion generated. This is the moment in which the rebound effect appears.


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