Carrot is one of the essential foods in the development of any detox diet thanks to the enormous benefits it brings to the body. This vegetable is diuretic which expedites the expulsion of toxins through the urinary tract-, helps to disintegrate kidney stones, dissipates gases accumulated in the abdomen area, eliminates colic, helps all those women who suffer from constipation, fights stomach pain and stimulates appetite. In addition, thanks to its pleasant flavor, it is a suitable complement for use in numerous dishes.

Detox juice recipes that include carrots

  1. Carrot and orange juice

It is a combination with high antioxidant properties and that effectively favors the digestive tract. For its preparation we need to extract the juice of two oranges and half a lemon with a juicer to blend it later with three carrots that have been previously peeled and cut into pieces.

  1. Carrot, zucchini and celery juice

It is a recipe that enhances the cleansing function of the liver. Its ingredients are two zucchinis, a piece of pumpkin, a carrot, a quarter of celery and nutmeg.

  1. Basic detox juice

It is an ideal drink to take between meals, so that we avoid snacking on sweets or foods that are not suitable in the space of a diet of these characteristics. Its ingredients are half celery, a carrot, an apple and a tablespoon of chlorella algae powder. This last substance will allow this juice to become a highly detoxifying option.

  1. Carrot and apple detox juice

It is an ideal combination both for skin care and for the elimination of toxins accumulated in the digestive system. Its preparation requires four carrots, an apple without skin and the juice of an orange.

  1. Digestive detox juice

It is a very interesting combination to take after very copious meals or when we have a problem related to stomach heaviness or the digestive process. Its ingredients are a cup of natural pineapple cut into small pieces, an orange, a carrot, a kiwi and black sesame.


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