The 21-day detox program, also known as the Angelina Jolie diet, is materialized through a nutritional program based on the massive consumption of liquids so that from the outset it cannot be considered a weight loss regimen.

There are approaches to note about before you start your 21-day detox program. Here are some suggestions for how to make the experience as helpful and beautiful as possible.

A 21-day detox program is planned to enable your body system to clean out the colon for 7 days, push the liver to remove toxins for 7 days, then flush the colon of liver toxins again for 7 days.

Most people enjoy detoxification once or twice yearly, For those with severe skin or other health issues may want to consider a quarterly detox.

No other strategies will provide you with this exact organized 21-day detox plan. We are confident you will see an improvement in your new look and feelings by adhering to the plan! Keep reading

Here are some suggestions to be considered before, during, and after a 21-day detox program. Besides helping you to achieve maximum benefit from Detox, they are also good strategies for improving your overall health.

Tips On How To Go about the 21-day detox program

#1. Drink Plenty Of Water

It is very important to stay hydrated, drinking at least 8-10 glasses(2.5-3 liters) of water daily weekly before commencing the 21-day detox program will cleanse your system throughout.

We often recommend pH-enhanced ionized water such as cucumber and mint water, lemon and ginger water, and honey and cinnamon water.

Learn about the 21-day detox program
Learn about the 21-day detox program

Detox water with a higher pH facilitates better absorption and hydration of the tissue and body cells.

Good for you if you already drink the recommended amount of water. Ensure to keep it up! If you are addicted to caffeine or coffee, you may be required to tackle the step of weaning off coffee before starting a 21-day detox program. 

#2. Eat your fiber! 

Fiber intake is very important to your body to eliminate toxins from your system. It also binds to the toxins we are facilitating your system to remove. Thus, consuming a good quantity of fiber daily is important.

Research reveals that the average individual eats far less than the recommended 20-30 grams of fiber daily.

If currently, you are not taking the required amount of fiber daily, you need to increase it gradually for a week before the detox and continue it through the 21-day program.

Sufficient fiber consumption is helpful for your long-term health and general wellness. Originally when you increase your fiber intake you may feel bloated and gassy. Here’s how to avoid bloating on a detox diet.

#3. Replenish key nutrients.

 For those who want to replenish key nutrients during a 21-day detox program consider the benefits of detox protein shakes by drinking it.

It is healthy to take twice a day, to boost and replenish key nutrients needed for your daily activities. Also, add omega-3 fish oil to your detox diet.

#4. Exercise Daily.

A small exercise will make a big difference when you are consistent. It is suggested that 30-45 minutes of brisk walking will detox your body from toxins by sweating. Consider 15 minutes of walking after every meal.

Learn about the 21-day detox program
Learn about the 21-day detox program

This approach works best If you have been physically inactive for a long time, consult your doctor before starting vigorous exercise.

What To Eat For Breakfast.

It is recommended you eat only fruits and fiber until noon during your 21-day detox program. Digestion is easier when you eat fruits and fruits offer less fat and more fiber on consumption. You may eat as much as you can.

Schedule Your 21-day Detox wisely. 

Plan out your 21 days with care. Select three weeks on your calendar that look reasonably stress-free. We recommend staying away from family get-togethers, holidays, and major work deadlines for proper detox.

Learn about the 21-day detox program
Learn about the 21-day detox program

The objective is, on the one hand, to cleanse the body of toxins and, on the other, to cause weight loss through a series of liquid preparations that must be consumed every two hours.

We are therefore faced with a rather restrictive weight loss plan that, due to its intrinsic characteristics, has been highly criticized.

Basics of the 21-day detox diet

#1. The 21-day detox diet has come to the fore in recent times due to the massive recognition that some famous Hollywood actresses have given it, an issue that should not be followed without prior consultation with a nutrition professional.

#2. It must be emphasized that no type of solid food is consumed for a long period of time, so the digestive system can suffer the consequences.

This eating plan includes fluid intake through vegetable soups, water, green tea, and both fruit and vegetable juices. Combined, yes, with the moderate practice of sport and plenty of rest.

#3. The recommended foods to prepare the different recipes included in the 21-day detox plan are carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, purple cabbage, onions, pumpkins, celery, radishes, collard greens, eggplant, beets, potatoes, kale, and the vast majority of green vegetables.

#4. Through this limited list of products, we will have to configure our diet during the specific period of time that this weight loss and detoxification program marks.

#5. Criticism of this 21-day detox diet is based on weight loss which can be misleading because it is reduced to fluids and muscle mass, due, above all, to the little importance that protein intake has in the eating routine.

As if that were not enough, there have been reports of negative health consequences such as headaches and excessive feelings of tiredness.


At the end of your 21-day detox program, you will have radiant youthful glowing skin, increased energy in your body, quality sleep, improved gut health, reduction in sugar cravings, and reduced excess body weight so it is important to start your 21-day detox program after reading this article.

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