After very turbulent seasons, in which stress has taken over our lives, the body suffers. We start to neglect our diet, we abuse both food and drink, we sleep badly and, in general, we make such substantial changes in our daily routines that they end up taking their toll on us. And not only because we can put on a few kilos but also because of the toxic waste that we can inadvertently collect and that makes us feel bad both inside and out. If we have started a detox diet, we can complement it with a series of beauty tricks to also take care of our exterior.

Detox beauty tips

  1. Carry out a purifying facial cleansing: The face is a part of the body that needs frequent and deep care in order to eliminate impurities that end up clogging the pores, preventing them from oxygenating. In this way the skin surface will look healthier as well as radiant.
  2. Body and facial exfoliation: At least a couple of times a week, and in order for the epidermis to appear firm and luminous, we need to exfoliate the skin. For this, we have specific products that we can find in our favorite stores.
  3. Hydration: The skin is subjected to all kinds of adverse circumstances, so we have to hydrate it daily so that we can avoid adverse effects on it. In addition to drinking at least two liters of water a day, we can use specialized creams for the face -morning and night- and for the body after having taken a bath or shower.
  4. Detox masks: It is convenient to apply on the skin of the face once a week a mask with anti-aging, moisturizing, nourishing or mattifying properties. We will have to choose properly which ones adapt more effectively to our skin type.
  5. Hair: The abusive use of devices such as irons or the dryer for a while can be counterproductive for our hair. To counteract these adversities, we can use masks, shampoos, and conditioners that take proper care of our hair.


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