One of the most used formulas in recent times to achieve weight loss -at the same time as trying to purify the different organs that make up the digestive system- results in detox diets.

They are regimes that are committed to a clear restriction of the amount of macronutrients that we can ingest throughout their development, limiting or even avoiding proteins and some carbohydrates. In this way, purifying food routines are committed to the massive intake of fruits and vegetables through preparations such as juices, milkshakes or smoothies.

Not everyone can access a detox diet

  • This distribution of nutrients posed by a detox diet can cause problems in the medium term since, as is obvious, the body needs a series of nutrients and calories to be able to carry out all the activities we do throughout the day, so that if these fall short it is possible that, in a short time, we begin to develop anomalies such as headaches, stomach discomfort, nausea or general weakness. Therefore, not all women should opt for carrying out one of these cleansing eating routines.
  • Any healthy woman, who does not present any particularly serious health problem, could try to make this effort and subject her body to the sacrifices that a detox diet imposes. However, adolescents -since they need a multitude of nutrients for their development-, pregnant women or, in general, all those women who suffer from heart problems, diabetes, chronic pathologies or dysfunctions related to food should not carry out diets of this type. since, in the medium term, they could become a real burden on your health.
  • Although it is true that detox diets are being highly criticized from medical sectors, there are many women who, despite the warnings, will jump into the pool with the aim of emulating their favorite celebrities and, with this, try to reduce a few kilos in a very short time. In principle, if you are in good health, despite everything, they should not represent any serious problem for the body of the woman who carries it out.


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