The weekend, at least for the vast majority of us, is one of the moments in which we can enjoy the relaxation and recreation that a few days full of tasks and work deserve.

For this reason, many women decide to start weight loss diets during these days, since we have much more time to prepare delicious dishes that are part of the planning we have chosen. Detox diets have a very particular configuration since they focus on the almost exclusive consumption of fruits and vegetables through smoothies. Let’s see some of the most suitable juice recipes for these days.

Enjoy detox juices during the weekend

  1. Herbal juice: It is a drink that, in addition to providing a large amount of both vitamins and minerals, is very effective when it comes to eliminating toxins that are unnecessarily housed in the body. For its preparation we have to have a cucumber, two tablespoons of chopped parsley, two large tomatoes, a tablespoon of basil, a tablespoon of rosemary, three cloves of garlic and a quarter of a tablespoon of cayenne pepper.
  2. Prune juice: It is a highly cleansing smoothie that is very useful after heavy meals or dinners. It consists of the following ingredients: a large stalk of celery, a large yellow grapefruit, a cup of chopped plums, a quarter of a lemon, and two large pears.
  3. Antioxidant juice: Very useful given the large amount of vitamins it provides the body. For its preparation we need a cup full of seedless grapes, a glass of cranberry juice, two slices of pineapple, the juice of two lemons and a few ice cubes -to taste-.
  4. Fiber juice: Especially useful drink for those cases in which we find ourselves suffering from an anomaly such as constipation. The ingredients are as follows: a quarter head of fennel, two apples, two pears and mineral water.
  5. Juice to purify the liver: It is a smoothie designed with the aim of specifically cleaning this organ. For its preparation we have to have half a tablespoon of cumin powder, three grapefruits, three tablespoons of linseed oil, 500 ml of boiled water that has cooled, four cloves of garlic, six lemons, three or four leaves of mint and a half. tablespoon of grated ginger root.


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