Detox plans are being sold as a kind of revolution in the field of nutrition due to the extreme conception with which they plan food. As we already know, these cleansing eating routines have an evident parsimony when it comes to the intake of macronutrients.

This is so because they intentionally avoid the consumption of animal proteins and even, on occasions, vegetables and carbohydrates such as rice, potatoes, pasta or bread, and stick to the almost exclusive consumption of fruits and vegetables through smoothies and juices.

Are detox plans really new?

  • Detox diets are also presented as something new, precisely due to their materialization in the form of liquid or semi-liquid preparations such as shakes, smoothies or juices. Let us remember in this regard that the popularity achieved by these food plans is due to already iconic images of celebrities from the world of cinema, music or television carrying glasses full of the already well-known green detox smoothie. In these cases, advertising -in any of its formulas- can act as a renovator by presenting similar products with different packaging.
  • And it is that being precise, detox diets are based on a very old concept such as purification. Already in classical Greek times it was considered that certain foods had the ability to introduce toxic substances into our body, so that a purification was necessary to be able to expel them efficiently. Therefore, these cleansing regimes based on juices and shakes, in essence, do not invent anything but give a different image to a really well-worn idea.
  • It must be borne in mind that in matters of nutrition, although progress continues thanks to current knowledge both at a scientific and technological level, essentially everything has already been invented. Therefore, if we have a more or less clear idea of ​​what we intend to achieve through a diet, the most pertinent thing to do is to ask a professional specialized in this area.


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