Detox shakes have been a trend in the world of nutrition for some time. The blame for this lies with numerous celebrities from the world of entertainment who, in their leisure time, have walked accompanied by large glasses full of these liquid preparations. The imagery that currently surrounds detox regimes has spread precisely because of this type of cultural icon. In short, they are specific combinations with a very low preparation cost of vegetables and fruits that supposedly help the body to get rid of accumulated toxic waste.

The real value of preparing a detox smoothie

  • As we said, the economic value of a detox smoothie, based on the fact that we make it ourselves at home, is very low. If we decide to take it in any bar or cafeteria that prepares it, we must abide by the fact that this cost shoots up well above the actual value of the ingredients separately. There are also specialized web pages that trade directly with the end customer, offering all kinds of products related to detox diets, including shakes. The price, in these cases, is also usually excessively high.
  • In order to get a real idea of ​​the cost of these drinks, we can take, for example, one of the classic recipes such as the green detox smoothie. Its ingredients are -generally since there are other types of variations- the juice of half a lemon, a handful of spinach, 3 stalks of celery, a heart of lettuce and an apple. These are products that we can easily access in any supermarket or in a food market and whose price will not exceed two euros in any case.
  • In fact, if we buy the ingredients in large quantities, it is possible that the average price of the detox smoothie that we are going to prepare for a week will drop considerably. Therefore, we can conclude that these preparations based on fruits and vegetables are within the reach of the pocket of any of us, without having to make great financial efforts.


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