With the little time left for the arrival of summer, many people resort to the so-called miracle diets to lose those extra kilos and achieve a figure with which to show off on the beach. One of the most popular in recent months are detox diets, these diets seek to eliminate toxins to purify the body and thus lose excess kilos. One of the foods that you can include in your detox diet are cereals, specifically these three with which you will be able to lose weight and show off your body.

The best cereals for detox diets

  • The teff. It is not a well-known cereal among ordinary people, although it is very fashionable in the world of celebrities. Various studies have shown its effectiveness as a slimming product, as well as being very healthy for the body. It is a cereal native to Africa and thanks to its high iron content it is perfect as a vitamin supplement. It is ideal for the detox diet since it eliminates toxins, regulates fat burning and is very easy to digest.
  • The oats. This cereal is considered by experts as one of the most nutritious and healthy foods that exist, so you should include it in your daily diet. If you include it in your breakfast, it will help you eliminate those extra kilos and achieve the desired figure that you are after so much. Thanks to lecithin, oats are an essential food in any detox diet as it will help you purify the body and eliminate harmful elements such as fat.
  • Chia seeds. These seeds are becoming more and more fashionable because their intake helps to lose weight. They are an excellent source of fiber and antioxidants. It is a perfect cereal to include in your detox diet and combine it with liquids, shakes or yogurts. They tend to quickly satisfy the appetite and provide great benefits to the body.


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