Detox diets emerge as a trend that is beginning to be global as well as dominant in a field that aims to become a resource that serves as an effective substitute for the normative tradition in the world of nutrition.

However, the basic precepts that define these cleansing eating routines are so significantly different that, on many occasions, they have caused strong controversy in specialized circles.

Purification regimes resort in many cases to a somewhat extreme methodology that in the long term does not generate optimal results.

Differences between detox diets and other types of regimes
Differences between detox diets and other types of regimes

Detoxes and cleanses have a similar objective of eliminating toxins from the body that are taken in every day. Detoxes and cleanses may seem like an immediate solution, but a decent way to regulate weight is with healthy eating patterns.

The words cleanse and detox are buzzwords that have become very common. Related trends may entail fasting from your favorite foods or drinking detox drinks. These terms are used interchangeably, but they are not strictly similar. 

 Toxins from outside sources are in our air, water, food, cosmetics, and cleaning supplies. Even in our places of work and homes, these toxins are found.

There are many detoxification regimens, diets, and therapies called cleanses and detoxes that claim to eliminate toxins from the body and promote health or weight loss. What toxins are eliminated in a detox diet? 

Is It Safe To Take Detox Diets And Cleanse Drinks?

Cleansing is a simple and comprehensive body regimen other than a detox regimen that is strict. The target of detoxification plans is to help with weight loss, eliminate toxins, and boost overall health.

Differences between detox diets and other types of regimes
Differences between detox diets and other types of regimes

The concept is that the removal of solid food or eating certain food types helps the body get rid of toxins during consumption. A detox immediately gives your digestive system healthy clean rest, which helps it to heal and finally absorb nutrients in a better way.

When detoxing, usually solid foods are repeatedly replaced with green drinks like blended cucumber, apple, lemon, and cayenne pepper mixed together. It also may include freshly squeezed vegetables, fruit juices, or green tea. A detox can last from a day to weeks.

Other types of Regimes 

Another type of regime that is different from detox is cleansing.

Cleansing detoxifies your body daily through the process called detoxification. Every part of the body constantly detoxifies but cleansing specifically focuses on digestive health. Cleansing usually is not as restrictive as detoxing.

Some fasting programs are promoted with claims of detoxification. This includes both periodic and intermittent fasting.

Such cleansing programs are being researched for disease prevention, improved aging, health promotion, and weight loss. There is, to date, no firm conclusion about their effect on health.

Differences between detox diets and other types of regimes
Differences between detox diets and other types of regimes

Differentiate detox from other slimming diets

#1. In the first place, it must be established that detox diets adhere, at least in their best-known variants given the promotion that many celebrities make of them, to routines that, on the one hand, replace the main meals of the day with smoothies.

Either in the form of juices or smoothies- or, on the other hand, they establish intermittent fasting as their main resource.

This approach, according to medical opinions, generates an unpleasant response in an individual’s body, developing the dreaded rebound effect. The enormous restriction of nutrients creates a scenario in which a return to a diet allows the recovery of the lost weight in a very short time.

#2. Traditional weight loss diets, although they are also based on a significant decrease in caloric intake throughout the day, try to compensate for the consumption of the main macronutrients in a more balanced way.

In this way, and unlike detox diets, it is possible to maintain your planning in the long term, without this implying a necessary harm to the health of an individual.

#3. The main problem that detox diets present with respect to the more traditional diet routines for weight loss is the lack of reliability offered by the fact of acquiring them directly from a digital publication or from a book.

The best way to achieve effective weight loss is to go through a consultation with proven nutrition professionals since they can offer us objective as well as effective advice.


The difference between detox diets and other types of regimes is the cleansing approach. Both Cleanses and detoxes have a common focus on removing toxins from your body.

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