The lemon detox diet is becoming quite the rage on the networks thanks to the promotion that many celebrities are giving it. Like many routines of this type, it promises to make us lose a large amount of weight in a short period of time. In fact, some of its practitioners claim to have lost up to 9 kilos in two weeks, something that in itself may seem suspicious a priori. This food routine, to call it something, revolves around replacing each and every one of the meals we eat throughout the day with a lemonade for a week, being able to introduce other types of food in a second week.

Dangers of the lemon detox diet

  • To prepare the happy lemonade, we have to mix half a liter of water with the juice of half a lemon, add two tablespoons of maple syrup -or a stick of cinnamon, if we do not have this sugar substitute- and, finally, a pinch of Cayenne pepper. The basic recommendation is to drink this drink between six and eight times a day for seven days in a row without eating any other type of food. Apart from the obvious scarcity of a multitude of nutrients that our body needs to support the rhythm of life that we impose on ourselves daily, anyone who is minimally versed in these issues can guess the powerful rebound effect that this regimen will have once we return to a diet normal.
  • During the second week we can start introducing food into the different meals of the day without losing sight of the modest lemonade intake. At breakfast we can have a fruit salad with strawberries, raspberries, apples, pears, blueberries, cherries and blackberries along with low-fat yogurt. For mid-morning we introduce a handful of almonds together with sunflower seeds -or pumpkin- and a banana. The main meal of the day is centered on a vegetable soup made from radishes, peas, onion, carrot, celery and fennel.
  • At snack we return to vegetables, this time with cucumber, radishes and celery. Dinner is the first meal of the day that allows us to access a significant portion of protein through grilled fish accompanied, of course, with a little lemon. The nutritional deficiencies of such a regimen are obvious. If you want a more purifying diet, with which you can lose weight in a healthy and balanced way, do not forget to consult a nutrition professional.


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