The carrot detox diet is a cleansing food routine based on the fundamentals of detoxifying regimes that quickly, and revolving around this vegetable which provides the possibility of losing up to three kilograms per week.

On the other hand, in the elimination of all those toxins that have been accumulating in our body as a result of the excess types of certain toxins in the body.

The problem with this type of miracle diet is that if certain healthy and balanced eating patterns are not followed later, the rebound effect may become a real headache.

Carrot has been known as an orange vegetable that is always made available on most individual’s dining tables. Carrots are regularly seen in salads dressings, stews, pies, and a lot of other dishes prepared daily in today’s world.

There are important nutrients that Carrots provide the body with which ensures a smooth digestion process. They comprise high quantities of beta-carotene, which can improve human vision.

Most people believe that carrots can also help in weight loss. But, is it entirely true? and can a diet heavily based on those orange vegetables enable you to shed excess pounds and enhance your all-around well-being?

The Carrot Juice Fasting And The Carrot-Only Diet

The Carrot-only diet is praised to catalyse up excess body fat if you consume meals made entirely of carrots for virtually a week.

Advocates of the Carrot Juice fasting suggest that you should fast for 3 to 7 days drinking only carrot juice every 2-3 hours for the proper detox. Those are crash diets promising instantaneous weight loss via calorie regulation.

Carrot detox diet: an effective way to lose weight

Regardless, dietitians warn the enthusiasts of such diets for two reasons:

#1. Most individuals are more likely to increase their weight right after they plunge back into their old eating patterns. 

 #2. Carrots lack important nutrients needed for the proper functioning of your body such as calcium, iron, and fat. This might result in fatigue, hair loss, and skin issues.

In fact, vitamin A absorption is facilitated by healthy fats, so gluing completely to carrots will constrain your body of the benefits of the carrots themselves. These one-product crash diets such as the Oatmeal Diet, the Potato Diet, and the Carrot Diet have to be approached with care.

How To Properly Prepare The Carrot Detox Diet

#1. This type of detox diet is based on carrots precisely because it is a vegetable with a low caloric intake that is also very rich in fiber, carotenoids, and vitamins.

It is a quick diet, whose duration is not recommended to go beyond seven days since its low contribution of certain macronutrients, such as proteins, could have negative consequences at an organic level.

Notable loss of muscle mass or even digestive problems can occur.

#2. The menu to follow in the carrot detox diet is as follows: for breakfast a cup of green tea and a smoothie made from one carrot, one beetroot, two oranges, and one apple; in the middle of the morning, a carrot cut into small sticks with a spoonful of skimmed cheese.

Carrot detox diet: an effective way to lose weight

At lunch 70 grams of whole wheat pasta -raw- with two sliced ​​steamed carrots, vegetables of your choice, a drizzle of olive oil, and a piece of fruit; in the snack carrot sticks, a cup of red tea, and a whole wheat toast with a spoonful of skimmed white cheese.

Finally, at dinner, a 150-gram fillet of grilled salmon and a salad made with onion, two grated carrots, lettuce, and tomato.

#3. As it is a fairly extreme detox diet, we will have to support it later with a balanced diet, a healthy lifestyle, and a little physical exercise. If, on the other hand, we return to inadvisable eating habits, we will not only quickly recover the lost weight but also worsen our health.


 A carrot detox diet is your go-to option if your goal is to lose weight effectively.

There’s a side effect you might likely experience such as the orange skin tint induced by overconsumption of vitamin A, which could temporarily mar your complexion but pose no threat to your overall well-being. 

Another variation of the Carrot Diet is that it is not recommended by dietitians hence it should be taken with caution as this could potentially put your health at risk.

If you still want to improve your menu with fresh carrots, glue to the first Carrot Diet or opt for other plans such as the Keto Diet or the Vegetarian diet.

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