Diets based on juices and detox smoothies are assuming one of the food revolutions with the greatest capacity to transcend its popularity to the great mass media. They are, after all, a kind of nutritional methodology that bases its plans on the almost exclusive consumption of fruits and vegetables, disregarding any other nutrient. The formula of reducing the diet to the intake of liquids such as, for example, shakes is being greatly criticized given the enormous precariousness to which it subjects the human organism, for which reason a regulation from specialized councils is pertinent.

Number of detox shakes to drink

  • The first misconception that these cleansing regimes handle is that food is made up of food, not poison, and therefore there is no element that has to be purified through a diet. But it is also that these detox plans, as we have already mentioned, show a more than obvious imbalance at the nutritional level, since it does not provide the calories or the nutrients necessary for the body to have enough energy to get through the day. Therefore, we can establish that replacing solid foods with detox shakes is, from a nutritional point of view, a huge mistake.
  • However, detox smoothies are nothing more than a specific combination of certain fruits with some vegetables, so in essence, they really are not bad for your health. In fact, it is possible to use them with some frequency as long as the diet is balanced with the intake of products rich in other macronutrients such as proteins or carbohydrates. The basis of any diet must be, precisely, an intelligent combination of elements that culminate in the preservation of a balanced and healthy body.
  • If you have any doubts, we recommend visiting a nutrition specialist who, taking into account both the objectives that we intend to achieve and our genetic predisposition, can specifically define the number of detox shakes that we can take throughout a week.


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