The first thing that must be taken into account before starting a regimen of this type is that detox diets are fundamentally characterized by the restriction of foods with a significant protein intake, intermittent fasting or the substitution of main meals for the intake of supplements or juices and smoothies both fruit and vegetables. The objective, as the term “detoxifying” indicates, is to purify the body of all those substances that may be potentially harmful to our health.

How to prepare to start a detox diet

  • These purifying diets tend to promise an approximate loss of about four or five kilos a month -an issue that contravenes what is considered healthy by nutrition professionals-, but the reality is that the only thing they serve is to eliminate both muscle mass and fluids by exhaustively limiting the protein intake to the body. This issue leads to a strong rebound effect, that is, when we abandon these eating routines we regain the lost weight very easily but with an added handicap, since we have not eliminated accumulated fat, it tends to increase.
  • Other issues that must be taken into account before starting a cleansing food routine of this type are the health problems that may appear associated with its follow-up. In daily medical practice, it has been found that some women who have carried out a detox diet without previously consulting a nutrition professional have developed symptoms such as weakness, tiredness, nausea or headache. We must consider the fact that the body already has excretory organs – the intestine, the liver, the kidneys or the skin – capable of eliminating excess toxins without the need to resort to miraculous regimens.
  • In any case, before starting any detox regimen, we should consider the option of preparing, in consultation with a nutritionist, a balanced and healthy diet with which to achieve the goal of losing weight and avoid subjecting the body to efforts that will not only not be unnecessary and fruitless, but they are also going to be potentially detrimental to the well-being of the organism.


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