Protein detox shakes have as their main function the making of sports supplements -especially fitness-oriented in a homemade and natural way while trying to preserve all the properties and benefits that a series of foods can bring to our body.

It is popularly known that one of the ways to have a great day is to start with a healthy breakfast. A lot of people overlook this, mainly as a result of time constraints as you rush out for work.

This should not be the case; we have lots of nutritious breakfast options that wouldn’t take much time to prepare, such as protein shakes.

The good news is that you can have your protein shake on the go and still get your daily required nutrients. A protein shake doesn’t have to be your breakfast option; You can take it as a snack in between your meals.

There are recipes you can follow to add to any nutritious ingredients you have. For instance, you may add parsley or mint to your protein shakes to improve the taste and nutritional value it adds.

Here’s a look at the health-promoting benefits of taking these protein shakes.

Benefits of detox protein shakes

#1. Detoxifying Agent

Protein shakes, especially detox protein shakes, retain the fiber they get from raw fruits and vegetables. This fiber helps the body in combatting disease and removing any waste materials and toxins from the body system.

Benefits of detox protein shakes
Benefits of detox protein shakes

Consider adding fruits like garlic, papaya, and beetroot to your protein shake if you are considering flushing out toxins from your blood.

There are detox protein shakes to avoid. The mixture above is a perfect detoxifying agent to detox your blood from toxins. It’s advisable to start a  three-day detox plan if you need to detox and get your energy back.

#2. Prevention Of Oxidative Stress

Most protein shakes contain Vitamin E and lots of healthy fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids speed up oxygen release to your heart and minimize inflammation.

Simultaneously Vitamin E is important for avoiding oxidative harm that results in several other health problems. Protein shakes are said to be very rich in nutrients listed above and support in preventing oxidative stress.

If you’re intentional about your health, consider the five tips to follow a detox diet by drinking such shakes.

#3. Boosts Immunity

Green leafy vegetables are a good source of antioxidants as green leafy vegetables contain chlorophyll and beta carotene which helps protect your body from I’ll bess and boost your body’s immunity.

Benefits of detox protein shakes
Benefits of detox protein shakes

There are things you should not do if you start a detox diet. A protein shake made from fruits and leafy vegetables contains minerals and vitamins that are immune boosters.

If you wish to make an immune-boosting smoothie, you may want to include cranberries, ginger, and citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, and limes.

#4. Builds Strong Bones

There are fresh vegetables such as spinach, cucumbers, and citrus fruits which are known to be rich in phosphorous, magnesium, manganese, calcium, Vitamin K, and Vitamin D3.

Benefits of detox protein shakes
Benefits of detox protein shakes

These minerals help preserve strong bones and minimize the risk of osteoporosis. The addition of these vegetables to your smoothies will get these alkalizing nutrients for strong bones.

#5. Aids In Digestion

Most detox protein shakes are very alkaline in nature, which makes them an ideal drink for anyone with acid reflux or acidity issues. Furthermore, protein shakes help clear our excretory system since they are high in fiber.

#6. Boosts Your Vitamins And Minerals Uptake

One of the best things about protein shakes is how you can improve your daily vitamin and mineral intake.

People like athletes have a recommended diet and guide on how much of these nutrients they should take depending on their body requirements.

Zinc, calcium, Iron, and Magnesium are some of the nutrients that should be taken in higher amounts for them.

If you feel you are low on the above nutrients, you can always opt for fruits specifically rich in the above nutrients as a base for your smoothie. That way, you do not miss your recommended intake.

Benefits of detox protein shakes
Benefits of detox protein shakes

Although it sounds contradictory, since many detox diets are characterized precisely by an excessive restriction in protein intake, some of these recipes seek to combine the growth of muscle mass with the effective elimination of toxins that accumulate in the body.

Detox shakes: proteins in your diet step by step 

The main ingredients that are considered suitable for making detox protein shakes are soy or oat milk, egg whites, beaten cheese, low-fat yogurt, apples, bananas, natural pumpkin seeds, cashews, and pecans.

Chia seeds, cranberries, macadamia nuts, flax, sesame, goji berries, honey, stevia, and oats are also included.

Recipes such as the ones shown below can arise from the combination of these foods.

#1. Protein shake to eliminate toxins: It is a drink that has a double function. On the one hand, it is capable of increasing muscle mass and on the other hand, it contains cleansing ingredients that help eliminate toxins.
It also expels free radicals from the body. For its preparation, we are going to need 150 ml of egg whites, 15 grams of cranberries, half a fresh carrot, 100 grams of fresh skimmed cheese, 15 grams of goji berries, half a cooked beetroot, 150 ml of water, 35 grams of oats, 15 grams of chia seeds and natural stevia to taste.

#2. Homemade fitness shake to increase muscle mass: It is a shake that provides the energy and strength necessary to train in the gym.

In addition, it contains a large number of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. The ingredients required for its preparation are 40 grams of oats, a banana, 200 ml of egg whites, 300 grams of soy milk, 15 grams of pecan nuts, 10 grams of chia seeds, and natural stevia to taste.

detox protein shakes
Detox protein shakes


From the above benefits of detox protein shakes you can see they are highly beneficial for your overall health.

You can consider adding protein shakes as your lunch box to work to discourage unhealthy snacking that would otherwise have increased your bad calorie intake.

Whether you aim to boost your metabolism, build your endurance on track, manage your cholesterol levels, and boost your mental performance and concentration, start the intake of detox protein shakes.

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