Detox diets are currently being standardized to such a level that many women follow them without taking into account any type of professional recommendation. Numerous publications, both written and digital, are spreading cleansing eating routines that, without taking into account the individual conditions of each one of us or the objectives we intend to achieve, establish plans that can saturate even the most courageous. In the following lines we describe some of the most common mistakes when we carry out a detox regimen.

Mistakes to avoid when doing a detox diet

  1. Not all calories have the same value: Although it may be obvious, eating five hundred calories in the form of sweets and chocolates does not have the same result on the definition of our figure as eating fruits, vegetables, meat or fish.
  2. Fruits and vegetables are not enough for a balanced diet: Although detox diets with a more orthodox trend advertise the almost exclusive consumption of these foods through shakes, juices or smoothies, the human body needs nutrients such as proteins or carbohydrates of carbon to be able to perform efficiently and be healthy.
  3. Performing physical exercise after a binge: If we practice sports after eating or drinking in large quantities, we will not be able to burn much fat. This situation is due to the large amount of insulin, the hormone that makes glucose reach the blood and when it is active prevents the burning of lipids.
  4. Skipping a meal: This is a common mistake and highly not recommended as it prevents the metabolism from working at its usual speed. As if that were not enough, a long period of fasting increases the desire to eat and, therefore, the chances that we will consume food in a totally uncontrolled way during the next meal.
  5. Eating little quantity and doing a lot of exercise: It is a tactic that can work in the short term since when we start a regimen it is normal to lose a lot of fluid, however as the days go by, by consuming little food, we will also burn a lot of muscle mass, basing a strong


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