With the eternal promise of freeing the body of both toxins and those extra kilos, detox diets continue to gain followers on a daily basis thanks to a supposedly ideal formula to deal with all the excesses in food that we expose ourselves to on a daily basis.

The nutritionists who promote this type of diet ensure that occasionally, and during a very specific period of time, it is necessary to expose the body to this kind of purge based mainly on fruit and vegetable juices. Despite their popularity, detox diets have found many detractors within the scientific community.

Promises that a detox diet will never keep

  • Recently, a group of scientists belonging to the Voice of Young Science conducted research that reviewed some of the most popular cleansing regimens today. After the study was carried out, the conclusion of this scientific team was that none of these eating routines was capable of demonstrating its worth as a detoxifier and, therefore, of fulfilling what it promised.
  • An issue that has subsequently been endorsed by consumer associations and other scientific teams, emphasizing the fact that one or two weeks of detox regimens cannot compensate for organic damage caused by a poor diet or an unhealthy lifestyle.
  • The truth is that in the short term, the direct consequence of carrying out a detox diet results in a sharp drop in blood glucose levels, so the sugars provided by the intake of fruit juices cause an output of insulin from the pancreas, removing all that sugar from the bloodstream and leaving us exposed to an imminent loss of energy reserves.
  • Once glycogen is scarce, the body begins to consume energy from fat and protein, generating a progressive loss of muscle mass, which is also not very convenient.
  • What you have to keep in mind, after all, is that a detox diet will never replace the benefits of carrying out healthy and balanced eating routines. Diets based on fruit and vegetable juices, as long as they are supported by the intake of the main macronutrients, are not bad in themselves, but they will never fulfill the miracles they promise since, unfortunately for some, they do not have properties of magical origin.


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