Detox diets are focused a priori since they are questioned by numerous medical and scientific groups to eliminate toxins accumulated in the different organs that make up the digestive system.

However, many women go to them with the intention of helping them lose weight. In this way, experts in cleansing eating routines have developed some diets with specific approaches such as those that focus their resources on achieving a palpable decrease in accumulated fat in the abdomen area.

Preparation of a detox diet to lose belly

  • The detox diet to lose belly involves a process of cleansing the body that tries to eliminate toxic residues that have remained attached to the tissues, specifically those that make up the digestive tract. However, given the primary goal we are trying to achieve, the regimen configuration itself may not be optimal. We must not forget that detoxifying food routines are extremely restrictive in terms of macronutrient intake, a factor that, if you are not careful when finishing them, can cause a powerful rebound effect.
  • The detox diet menu to lose belly is configured as follows: at breakfast a fruit juice with kiwi, orange, grapefruit and tangerine seasoned with a little honey and green tea; in the middle of the morning a carrot juice and a low-fat yogurt; for lunch cream of celery, leek, carrot and pumpkin and a cucumber juice; for snack two tangerines and a skimmed yoghurt; at dinner a mixed vegetable salad and carrot juice.
  • As we can see, it is a fairly sparing detoxifying regime in terms of protein intake, so we should not apply it for more than one or two days. However, given the importance of maintaining a balanced and healthy diet in order to keep our belly as flat as possible, we recommend consulting a licensed nutrition professional beforehand in order to avoid possible unwanted side effects.


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