Juices are some of the most obvious and, at the same time, most important manifestations of detox diets. It must be remembered, in this regard, that cleansing eating routines are eating regimens that propose a series of plans based on an excessive restriction of the macronutrients that we ingest throughout the process.

In this way, the menus are based almost exclusively on the massive intake of both fruits and vegetables. Reason why smoothies become a formula that, according to its defenders, provides numerous benefits to the body.

The advantages of drinking detox juices daily 

  1. Basifying effect: According to some theories -not scientifically proven, it must be said- the body needs an alkaline environment to efficiently complete all the tasks that have to do with metabolism. Vegetables and fruits, always according to these options, are the only foods that have a basifying effect on the body with the aim of generating precisely this type of environment.
  2. Contribution of vitamins and minerals: The load of vitamins and minerals that both fruits and vegetables have is enormous, being able to combine many of their beneficial properties for the body in juices. According to the defenders of detox diets, in addition, green leafy vegetables are the products with the highest nutritional density on the entire planet.
  3. Regulation of transit in the intestine: Although the juice formula does not usually provide much fiber -since a huge amount is lost when liquefying fruits and vegetables- they are still a good ally when dealing with cases of constipation.
  4. Blood oxygenation: Green leafy vegetables are usually very rich in chlorophyll, a substance that when consumed is quickly converted into hemoglobin and, as a consequence, increases the oxygen capacity in the blood.
  5. Increased energy: By ingesting a large amount of simple sugars -thanks to the contribution of fruit-, juices, especially when you wake up, can give us a great deal of extra energy to face the first hours of the day.
  6. Delaying premature aging: Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidant substances, so they are able to fight free radicals, molecules that damage body cells and therefore accelerate the aging process.


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