Cleansing diets involve the idea that they help the human body to get rid of all those toxins that exceed what can be considered normal. They are diets that tend to eliminate, a priori, food that may pose a risk to the digestive level, such as red meat, wheat, full-fat dairy products, refined sugars, industrially processed products, and caffeine. They are usually very short-term routines that, however, have received a lot of criticism due to the risk that dispensing with so many nutrients can pose to a woman’s body.

Basic foods in a detox diet

  • Foods rich in antioxidants especially vitamins A, C and E- are essential in the development of any self-respecting detox diet. These substances help cells to neutralize all those free radicals that can damage them, giving rise to mutations that can cause pathologies. If the amounts of these antioxidants in the body are low, liver function can be affected.
  • A woman’s body also needs an adequate and constant supply of enzymes, not only to improve digestion but also to enhance cleansing function. For this reason, all those products that provide them especially fresh fruits and vegetables are welcome in a cleansing diet. It must be taken into account, on the other hand, that these enzymes facilitate intestinal transit, helping the body to evacuate in a much simpler and more effective way. Although medically it could be questionable given the radical nature of a detox diet, its defenders argue that the preservation of enzymes is key to eradicating diseases and having a healthier life.
  • In recent times, another alternative is being added to this short list of fundamental nutrients in the development of a detox diet: algae. One of the main benefits that these substances are supposed to have is to eliminate some toxins from our body, such as heavy metals or radioactive strontium. What the defenders of these regimes have not quite clarified is the way in which these toxins come to enter our body normally. Being positive, the algae provide significant amounts of proteins and vitamins such as A, B1, C and E.


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