It is a detox diet that has rice preferably whole grain as the main ingredient around which to pivot a food routine that aims, on the one hand, to facilitate the cleaning of toxins from the body thanks to the high fiber content of this product and, on the other hand, manage to lose a few kilos. It must also be taken into account that brown rice is a natural source of magnificent nutrients such as vitamins B1, B3 and B6, phosphorus, iron, manganese and essential fatty acids.

How to carry out the rice detox diet

  • The rice detox diet is a cleansing regimen that has been growing in popularity in recent times despite the fact that this does not mean any guarantee of success in our purposes to lose weight and cleanse our body. Although within the enormous amalgam of existing purifying food routines, it is not an excessively restrictive and unbalanced plan in terms of macronutrient intake, we do not recommend its use unless you have previously consulted with a nutrition professional who can delimit in a more objective way the criteria to follow to achieve the objectives that we have proposed.
  • In purely generic terms, we could set up a rice detox diet menu as follows: at breakfast a fruit to choose between grapefruit, apple, papaya or pear, skimmed yogurt and green tea; in the middle of the morning a turkey breast with grilled vegetables; at lunch a cup of brown rice with a couple of grilled chicken breast fillets; for snack two tangerines and an unsweetened skimmed yogurt; at dinner a stir fry of vegetables with white fish.
  • This detoxifying regime should not be extended beyond fifteen days without medical supervision. In this regard, we must remember that the absence of certain nutrients in our daily diet is likely to cause numerous anomalies related not only to the digestive system but also to other parts of our body.


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