The term detox has become so standardized today that it has transcended its own initial goals of getting rid of toxins from the body. Such are the circumstances that, today, we can find products of all kinds that contain this terminology applied to their packaging.

This is the case of nail polishes and all kinds of articles related to the care of our nails. It’s also not too surprising that the beauty world was one of the first to get the whole detox mythology on their side.

Detox applications for nails

  • The justification for the use of detox terminology in products related to nail care has a double aspect -which does not necessarily have to do with the objectives set out in purifying regimes, namely: on the one hand, a range of articles that have components supposedly of natural origin -and not chemical and, on the other hand, a series of creams and emulsions aimed at both repairing and nourishing this part of the body.
  • To tell the truth, very few of us pay attention to the ingredients that make up the vast majority of beauty items that we regularly buy. Many women think that the chemicals contained in these products can be counterproductive for the nails, so they opt for a mix of varnishes and creams that have a high composition of ingredients of natural origin. Certainly, they are characteristics that touch the detox philosophy in a very tangential way and that do not imply a proven guarantee in the fulfillment of their commercial promises.
  • Cold seasons like winter tend to be quite aggressive with our nails as it happens with the skin in general-, making them much more brittle, spoiling many of our illusions of carrying out a good manicure. For this reason, and under the detox label, some brands are beginning to present some products whose mission is to carry out a protective treatment with the aim of nourishing the nails and repairing any damage they may have suffered.


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