Eating the right type of food can be an invaluable help in improving the overall performance of our body when we train to run. A good diet is one that allows you to run more intensely, have a more effective recovery, avoid injuries, control body weight, improve concentration and alleviate the incidence of digestive abnormalities.

A priori, given the excessive restriction of nutrients associated with detox diets, these may seem incompatible with running, so cleansing menus will have to be adapted to the needs of the sport.

Detox menu for runners

  1. Day 1: for breakfast oatmeal smoothie, apple, pineapple, papaya, mango and strawberries; in the middle of the morning a skimmed yogurt and two tangerines; for lunch, a mixed vegetable salad seasoned with mustard, honey and olive oil, a bowl of brown rice with grilled pork loin and baked potatoes; at snack a cereal bar and a nectarine; for dinner, a low-calorie Caesar salad, a spinach and mushroom lasagna, whole wheat toast and a lemon sorbet.
  2. Day 2: for breakfast an arepa, two scrambled eggs and a kiwi and vanilla shake; in the middle of the morning a grapefruit and a low-fat yogurt; for lunch, a cold pasta salad, a whole meal bread sandwich with smoked salmon and an apple; for snack two oatmeal cookies, a cereal bar and a skimmed strawberry yogurt; at dinner a caprese salad, a pasta dish with asparagus and artichokes and a slice of whole wheat bread.
  3. Day 3: for breakfast a banana and a bowl of whole grains with skimmed milk; in the middle of the morning a skimmed yogurt and an orange; for lunch, a mixed vegetable salad seasoned with olive oil and vinegar, a grilled beef tenderloin and baked potatoes; at snack an apple and a handful of almonds; for dinner, a couscous salad with tomato and arugula, a lamb stew, a slice of whole wheat bread and low-fat yogurt.


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