A detox diet for runners is one of the main motivations for eating food that lies in its ability to supply energy to the body to carry out all the runner’s activities.

When it comes to practicing sports, running represents one of the modalities that requires the most energy.

In this way if we are athletes whether at a professional level or in a more amateur sense we must pay attention to the amount of food we eat and the necessary nutrients we consume so that runner’s performance will always be the most optimal and possible.

The Detox Diet for runners is usually done during this period of the year. Detox diet articles all over the internet have educated us all about the need for detoxing, is this recipe healthy for runners? 

Does it provide them with the necessary energy and nutrients they need? Keep reading!

What Is A Detox Diet?

To simplify it, the mechanism of detoxification simply refers to the elimination of harmful substances from the body. This activity is above the work of the liver, your kidneys, lungs, colon, and skin are also involved in the removal of toxins.

Detox Diet For Runners: Is It Good For Sports

 The toxins in question are harmful substances that are either endogenous (produced by the body) or exogenous (made outside the body).

When your body is exposed to toxic substances, harm occurs to the body through cellular and organ damage, and causes an environment in which diseases are more likely to thrive, so getting rid of these substances as much as possible will keep you fit and healthy.

What’s The Best Way To Detox?

Two main ways are the best ways to help your body’s natural detoxification process. Firstly, the intake of adequate dietary fiber facilitates the healthy removal of toxic substances from the bowel.

If you are experiencing irregular bowel movements as a result of fibre deficiency, the body may reabsorb filtered toxins which are not healthy for your body. Eating a wide variety of vegetables is a great way to increase your fiber intake.

It is advised that to run long distances you need adequate energy. Having that in mind, what kind of energy are we talking about? Well, the variety of food you consume will affect your race performance.

A runner’s type of food should be very rich in complex carbohydrates and protein and be low in fat and sugar.

These are all essential nutrients for the production of energy so it is crucial to be intentional about what you put into your body daily.

In this article, we are going to discuss how a detox diet for runners can support and improve your running performance. To begin a healthy detox diet for runners, you need to include the following class of food:

Essential Detox Diets For Runners

#1. Protein

Protein is paramount for runners because it is the building block and repairing class of food for body tissues. This makes it very important for the homeostasis of lean muscle mass.

Detox Diet For Runners: Is It Good For Sports

It is crucial to know that proteins are not utilized by our bodies as primary energy sources.

Having said that, the consumption of protein alone will not give you the required energy to keep you running, but it can prevent tiredness during a race because it helps the energy needed to power through difficult workout sessions.

#2. Complex Carbohydrates

These carbs consist of long chains of sugars and starches found in foods like whole grains, beans, fruits, and vegetables.

These complex carbs also have fiber content in them, which reduces metabolism and absorption rate, resulting in a more steady supply of nutrients.

Detox Diet For Runners: Is It Good For Sports

The Detox Diet And Running 

#1. Detox diets as a general rule are characterized by eating routines that excessively restrict the amount of macronutrients that the body ingests per day, especially what concerns the protein intake.

It must be taken into account that the very recommendations that are made by the sectors that defend cleansing regimes understand that planning this type of eating routine is based on the massive intake of juices and smoothies of both fruits and vegetables.

It is usually indicated that no sports practices are carried out during the follow-up period.

#2. Considering the wear and tear of running it is less advisable if possible to be on a detox diet.

On the contrary, the basic nutritional considerations in this sport indicate that protein intake must oscillate around 1.2 grams for each kilogram of body weight and carbohydrates must constitute the main source of energy depending on the amount consumed.

Concerning fats, the consumption of polyunsaturated fatty acids such as omega 3 or omega 6 is very important.

#3. Having an interest in delving into the nutritional aspects related to the habitual practice of sport, it is essential to consult regularly with a specialist in this field who can objectively establish the parameters to be covered given our dietary needs.


Before starting a running performance, it is important to limit your diet to lean proteins, healthy fats, and carbohydrates. Avoid spicy foods or foods overly high in fats.

Ensure to consume more raw nutrients such as fruits, smoothies, and fruit juices.


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