The Smoothie recipe is a natural energy drink that contains almost all essential nutrients required by the body. There are lots of ways to prepare smoothie recipes to get the delicious taste out of them.

It can be taken as a filling breakfast or lunch because One of the basic pillars in any self-respecting detox diet is the fruit smoothie.

An easy and simple way to consume detoxifying foods that help our body eliminate all those residues in the form of toxins that accumulate throughout our life journeys.

Smoothies are drinks that are rich in vitamin K, calcium, and vitamin D3 which improves bone health and healthy muscle mass while boosting energy levels too.

They also contain natural sugar which regulates the blood sugar level in the body.

As long as the food routine does not indicate otherwise, it is more appropriate to take these preparations in the morning, just after getting up, especially if we are not used to eating fresh and raw foods.6 Smoothie Recipes For A Detox Diet

Health Benefits Of Smoothies

#1. Regulates Cravings

Smoothies are packed with essential nutrients needed by the body hence it’s healthy to eat in the morning to start your day with a healthy approach. This approach regulates your cravings for the entire day.

#2. Prevents Dehydration

The body contains about 70% water so having smoothies with your breakfast will help prevent dehydration by hydrating your body.

Adding fruits like watermelon and cucumber to your smoothies will replenish the loss of water in your body during the summer.

6 Smoothie Recipes For A Detox Diet

#3. Support Weight Loss

Without skipping meals, smoothies aid weight loss because it makes you feel fuller and facilitates digestion. The fiber in these smoothies is responsible for the proper functioning of the bowels.

#4. Regulates Blood Sugar Level

Diabetes is the most common disease as a result of an imbalance or high levels of sugar in the bloodstream.

To regulate your sugar level it is important to start your day with a breakfast smoothie that is rich in nutrients but low in calories.

#5. Reduces Chances Of Cancer

Smoothies especially green smoothies help reduce the risk of cancer development. Especially greens like cabbage, spinach, cauliflower, and broccoli.

How To Prepare Detox Smoothies

#1. Original detox shake

It is a somewhat complex recipe in terms of ingredients, although it is very striking due to its original green color. For its preparation, we need a bowl of fresh spinach, two apples, a cucumber, celery, the juice of a lemon, a glass of water, and a tablespoon of chopped parsley.

#2. Pineapple Ginger Smoothie

Excellent option thanks to the diuretic properties of pineapple and the antioxidants provided by ginger. It is made up of a small spoonful of grated ginger, half a glass of rice drink, and four slices of natural pineapple.

#3. Fig, orange, muesli, and yogurt smoothie

6 Smoothie Recipes For A Detox Diet

It is a preparation rich in vitamin B, free amino acids, and proteins that in addition to being cleansing, contain almost all the nutrients the body needs to get going in the morning.

We must have four ripe figs, two tablespoons of yogurt, three small spoonfuls of muesli, a small spoonful of honey, 400 ml of orange juice, and three or four ice cubes. Excellent for the summer season.

#4. Smoothie based on red fruits

Although it is a seasonal recipe due to the presence of raspberry, it is very suitable to take advantage of it during its season. We have to have the juice of a large lemon, a glass full of raspberries, and half a glass of coconut water.

#5. Mango Smoothie

If you like this fruit, you should only have at your disposal a piece of frozen mango chunks, half a cup of frozen banana slices, a glass of water, a tablespoon of flax, the juice of a normal size lemon, half a cup of orange juice, and a small tablespoon of green tea.

#6. Spinach, Celery and Apple Smoothie

Very rich in fiber and antioxidants, we need for its preparation two cups of washed spinach, a stalk of celery, a sliced ​​cucumber, the juice of a large lemon, two apples, and half a glass of water.


When preparing smoothies there are exceptional ingredients you must add to your smoothies such as greens e.g spinach, proteins e.g almond milk, peanut butter and fruits such as mangoes and berries


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