Detox juices cost is one of the hardest thoughts we contemplate before we start a detox diet plan. We begin to worry about the cost of fruits and vegetables compared to our source of income.

Summer is coming and we want to be defined enough to get into our favorite swimsuit again. At the same time, we may begin to see dozens of articles on the famous detox juices both on the internet and in written publications.

If you are trying to lose weight rapidly, çleanse or start a healthier lifestyle, healthy living occurs when you feed your body with raw fruits and vegetables, freshly prepared and flash-frozen to retain the flavor and nutrition other brands cook out.

Some Cheap Detox Juices Options

#1. Watermelon and Orange

To cast down the cost of detox juice, it is important to choose fruits that are affordable at the same time beneficial to the body such as watermelon and orange.

These fruits increase the efficiency of the body’s natural cleansing ability and also stimulate the salivary gland which aids the digestion mechanism.

#2. Orange, Cucumbers, And Muskmelons

How Much Do Detox Juices Cost

Because of their high water contents, these fruits facilitate the removal of harmful substances from our body system.

#3. Fresh herbs and spices

Herb plants such as celery, and parsley and spices such as ginger improve the secretion of stomach digestive juice which boosts the breakdown of food substances and the availability of vitamins and minerals that are helpful to the body. 

 It also speeds up the digestion process and elimination of toxins from the body.

#4. Spinach-Iron Rich Juice

Spinach is generally affordable and it’s very rich in iron which provides your body with enough oxygen and aids in purifying your body system.

It also boosts body energy by preventing you from feeling fatigued when you mix your spinach with mint leaves.

#5. Neem Leaves Juice

This is a popular leaf found around our neighborhoods, you don’t have to spend a dime to get it. You can simply look for it around, plug it, and blend it.

Neem juice is a complete detox juice that helps eliminate toxins from your body system. It is also used in treating Malaria and fever.

How Much Do Detox Juices Cost

The real price of juices in detox diets 

#1. Although a priori they may seem like the best ideas, it is appropriate to find out from a nutrition expert or by consulting your family doctor in order not to harm your health.

These preparations in addition can become a significant expense for our pocket, depending on how we conceive of their consumption.

#2. The most economical way to face a diet based on detox juices results in making a shopping list that includes all the foods we need to carry out these preparations.

It must be remembered in this regard that purifying eating routines are based on the almost exclusive consumption of fruits and vegetables.

Fortunately for us, these are cheap products that we can easily find in any supermarket or in the food market that we go to regularly.

How Much Do Detox Juices Cost

#3. There are other options, especially through digital stores that we can find on the internet, of ready-made juices to follow predefined routines that normally range from one to five days.

However, if we resort to this type of commercial offer, we will find exorbitant prices that can make a dent in our domestic economy.

Given the enormous popularity of these formulas, we can find prices that are around 200 euros.

#4. In a scenario like the one proposed, it is much more appropriate to go to a nutrition professional who can delimit the diet to follow according to the objectives that we have set ourselves.

From the planning orchestrated by the nutritionist, we will be able to acquire the necessary products in isolation and save a good part of the money that we would otherwise invest in detox plans designed with a commercial objective.


Before embarking on a detox diet plan, ensure you have your budget well-written and planned. This budget enables your nutritionist to plan your detox juice without putting you in a financial crisis.

Ensure the fruits and vegetables you add to your budget are affordable with cleansing properties and other outstanding health benefits to your body.

We hope this article helps you to manage the cost of your detox juice.


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