Believe it or not, food plays a very important role in caring for the body in general and more specifically in the skin and hair. Bad habits in your daily life such as alcohol, tobacco or a poor and unbalanced diet will make your hair not be in the best condition and be seriously damaged. That is why a healthy diet with a series of specific foods will help you have radiant hair and in perfect condition. Next I will tell you about the benefits that the famous detox diet brings to the health of your hair.

What are the benefits that the detox diet brings to your hair? 

  • As you surely know, the detox diet helps you eliminate toxins from your body to purify it perfectly so that it can function without problems. In this way, and free of toxins, hair grows healthy and strong, avoiding premature loss. The detox diet is based on the intake of fruits and vegetables, which will help your hair to be perfectly hydrated, thus avoiding dryness problems and achieving soft and silky hair. Although baldness is not something that this type of diet can solve, fruit and vegetable-based smoothies and juices will make your hair grow faster and healthier.
  • Below I will show you an example of a detox diet that you can take during the day and that will make your hair healthy and in perfect condition. for breakfast a couple of whole grain cookies with orange juice; at mid-morning a grapefruit; for lunch, a cream of mushrooms, grilled vegetables and a bit of melon; at snack time, a skimmed yogurt and at dinner, a vegetable omelette, a tomato salad and a pear.
  • These are some of the benefits that the detox diet will bring to your hair.


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