Eating excesses, as occurs with inadequate lifestyles, make us rush too many times when it comes to purifying our body as well as, incidentally, losing a few kilos.

In this situation, detox diets arise, a kind of miracle regimes that, based on a profuse consumption of vegetables and fruits, aim to achieve optimal results in the course of a few days. Such a manifestation, as it seems obvious, is still extremely controversial since many sectors of the medical community have raised their voices against these nutritional practices.

Problems that arise from a detox diet

  • Detox diets are very strict, so their follow-up is not recommended for more than two consecutive days since they are not governed by the guidelines that any healthy, varied and balanced diet should have.
  • In addition, this type of regime favors the appearance of the dreaded rebound effect, an issue that means that we end up recovering more weight than we had before starting the detox routine. It must be taken into account, on the other hand, that the recommended weight loss must be around half a kilo per week -approximately-, so all those diets that allow you to lose weight quickly are not healthy, since they are characterized by be unbalanced and not provide the nutrients the body needs.
  • Another controversy that normally surrounds these cleansing eating routines is their recommendation not to perform physical exercise during the period of their application. Sport must always be a fundamental complement to any weight loss regimen, not only because it improves our physical abilities and increases self-esteem, but also because a lot of muscle mass is lost during these periods, so that, in this way, we could partially compensate for this handicap.
  • Detox diets also carry the risk of making those who practice them fall into monotony. In fact, consuming the same kind of food every day does not represent any kind of help when it comes to acquiring new and better eating habits. In a healthy weight loss plan, vegetables should be included in all the main dishes, three pieces of fruit throughout the day, and high-quality proteins from meat, fish, and eggs.


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