In order to improve our health, as well as to show off a figure defined as well as slim, especially in the face of the good temperatures that accompany the summer months, we allow ourselves to be seduced by miracle diets such as detox diets, very much in vogue. in recent times both in digital media and in print publications.

However, far from providing benefits that are healthy for our body, the most common is that the opposite effect occurs. In this way, given the risks that purification regimes can assume, specialized supervision is absolutely necessary.

The importance of a doctor in a detox plan 

  • Detox diets are eating routines whose main objective is the ability to eliminate all those toxins that accumulate unnecessarily in all the organs that make up the digestive system. However, the enormous restriction to which the women who carry them out are subjected can generate continuous health problems.
  • Doctors warn in this regard that cleansing regimes do without numerous macronutrients that are essential for the development of human activity, minimizing the diet to the almost exclusive consumption of fruits and vegetables.
  • A medical supervision of a diet, whether it is detox or not, would not allow the daily consumption of carbohydrates to be less than half of what is consumed throughout the day.
  • In this regard, cleansing food routines do not include these nutrients among the allowed foods, despite having numerous beneficial properties for the body’s health, such as, for example, the energy supplies necessary to carry out all daily activities.
  • An expert in nutrition can specifically define a food plan based on the objectives that we have set for ourselves, whether it is the mere loss of weight or the enhancement of the purifying work of the bodies in charge of said task. In this sense, we will make sure to undertake a food plan that is healthy as well as balanced and that, therefore, does not cause us any problems in the short or medium term.


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