Ionic cleaning is a treatment through which supposedly it is possible to detoxify the body and re-balance it energetically. It is a very simple methodology that uses electricity as a fundamental factor through which to stimulate the disappearance of toxins accumulated in our body.

The basic operation resides in the immersion of the feet in a sort of saline solution that is electrically charged and that is actively manifested in the lipid deposits of the body. In this way, both waste and polluting substances are expelled into the water.

Ionic detoxification, myth or reality?

  • Another premise from which ionic detoxification starts has to do with improving the absorption of nutrients thanks to the elimination of fats and toxins accumulated in the body -including alcohol, tobacco and drugs-. Other benefits provided by this methodology, always according to its defenders, include accelerating both metabolism and digestion, strengthening the respiratory system, helping to eradicate addictions, accelerating postoperative recovery, eliminating skin problems, stimulating cell regeneration, regulating hormonal disorders, facilitate blood circulation, purify the blood or alleviate both chronic fatigue and make rest easier.
  • However, recently, researchers belonging to the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Toronto have carried out a study on the effects of ionic detoxification on the body, questioning all the virtues that its defenders highlight. In this way, they carried out numerous studies of ionic baths with and without feet, establishing that the composition of the water in these machines was the same in all cases. In fact, there was no difference in the toxic elements that escaped through the process of filtering and removing the water.
  • This series of criticisms calls into question, at the very least, the results that can be obtained from an ionic detox machine. As is usual in this type of case, we recommend consulting the appropriate doctors if we want to solve any of the mentioned problems, before resorting to any supposedly miraculous methodology.


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