The well-known detox diets are continually surrounded by a multitude of controversies. The media that air its benefits face the versions supported by the medical community that insist on questioning its supposed cleansing efforts.

Toxins are accumulated substances that are harmful to the body system. This can result from the kind of lifestyle we practice within our environment.

The liver and kidneys are the primary organs in your body that are responsible for Detoxing.

The toxins are filtered out of your blood by the liver and reintroduced to your upper GI tract/small intestine as a part of the bile mixture utilized to break down your food.

The kidneys remove toxic substances and flush them through your urine.

What You Didn’t Know About Detox Diets

#1. Purify your blood

Consuming junk and drinks containing refined sugar may have sounded like a good idea, but they’re accumulating toxins in your blood with harmful components.

Eating processed foods means consuming chemicals that may stay in your body forever.

Detox Diets: What You Didn't Know

When you consider a detox cleanse often, these chemicals are eliminated during a detox diet. While removing the harmful substances from your body, you tend to feel healthier and lighter as your body and blood are being purified by the minute.

#2. Lose weight

Doing exercise daily without eating clean or eating healthy will lead to no result, but if there are toxins in your body, you will not effectively lose weight. The toxic chemicals can reduce your digestion process or even stop it. 

When considering losing weight it’s important to modify your diet and start healthy eating habits with a daily exercise routine.

#3. Sleep better

When you eat unhealthy foods such as junk and refined sugar, you tend to feel unrefreshed when you wake up from sleep.

When you feel like you never slept well, It could be your body is telling you it needs detox therapy. When you deprive your body of quality sleep, it can lead to poor performance in your career and, even worse, a lifetime of chronic disease.

#4. Reduce inflammation

Inflammation occurs when your body is susceptible to injury or foreign substances. Amidst this process, the body utilizes white blood cells as a barrier to protect itself from bacteria, infection, and viruses — usually caused by exposure to toxic substances.

During detox, your body eliminates these impurities, leaving you with fewer or no aches, swelling, and body stiffness.

#5. Improves your circulation 

When you feel coldness at your feet, it might be a sign of poor circulation. A detox diet not only rejuvenates your feet with its warm and refreshing hydration, but it also will kickstart the circulation in your feet.

Your feet work by carrying you around all day and holding up your body weight, so it’s crucial to give them the attention and health care they deserve.Detox Diets: What You Didn't Know

Controversial Issues Around Detox Diets

#1. The large number of manifestations that detox diets have about the world of nutrition are not exempt, as we have said, from controversies since, as the majority of experts in the field insist on supporting, there is no scientific evidence to support its effectiveness.

#2. A detox diet is the best approach and strategy for detoxification regimes that has generated so many doubts since organs such as the kidneys or the liver usually carry out detoxification tasks in the body.

#3. As if that were not enough, critics of this type of detox food routine affirm that these regimes cannot be sustained for a long period without causing a great deal of damage to the body.

This is why in the end, detox diets turn out to be improper, and only serve to offer pure and simple detox therapy.

Detox Diets: What You Didn't Know

#4. Excessive restrictiveness in some of the most extreme cases, in the intake of the main macronutrients, can become a difficult obstacle to overcome.

#5. Perhaps the most dangerous arguments among those who validate the supposed benefits of detox diets are those who claim that they are capable of treating severe pathologies.

#6. Doctors trained in the classical treatment of diseases do not usually give excessive credibility to these methods.

Simply rooted in nutritional modifications more or less substantial which in the end, end up being completely unfounded theories.


You only have one body in this lifetime. Eliminating harmful toxins and chemicals from your body can give you many health benefits that come with detoxing. You should consider detoxing your body weekly.


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