The high level of stress that a large part of the population tends to have has a very negative impact on the body through the so-called toxins. The kidneys play a fundamental role in this aspect since they are in charge of eliminating such toxins and thus ensuring that everything works perfectly. Sometimes poor nutrition and a series of bad habits mean that the kidneys cannot cleanse the body by themselves and have to be purged naturally.

The dangers posed to the kidney by the use of detox diets

  • In recent years, the so-called detox or detox diets have been gaining popularity among a large part of the population. These miracle diets propose to eliminate all toxins from the body through the intake of juices and smoothies of fruits and vegetables. This work corresponds to the kidneys in a natural way since, as I have previously commented, they are in charge of ending all the impurities that are in the body.
  • Despite what detox diets may promise, it has been shown that the only substance that is perfectly healthy for the kidneys is none other than water. The continuous intake of water will help to end all the toxins that have remained in the body and that hinder its proper functioning.
  • Detox diets are a good alternative when purifying your body as long as they are not abused. Fruits and vegetables are essential foods to maintain potassium levels in the body as well as for the proper functioning of the kidneys. However, these detoxification treatments should not last more than two days, which is what is necessary to perfectly cleanse the body and leave the kidneys to detoxify and cleanse again.


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