The rebound effect is the main risk that so-called miracle diets have due to weight loss in record time. If you have ever done any of these types of diets, you will have noticed that the weight that has cost you so much to lose is recovered very quickly.

The detox diet is the most popular diet at the moment and most nutritionists point out the rebound effect as the main problem with this cleansing diet. Below I will tell you how to avoid this effect and detoxify your body without any problem.

For instance, after the urge to lose weight fast, a lot of times you think of alternatives that give quick results, such as restrictive diets, which ensure to lose 5 to 10 kilos in a week. In most cases, the goal is achieved.

The problem is that it cannot be maintained over a long period of time without experiencing weight gain again: this is the dreaded and horrible rebound effect.

What is the rebound effect?

This phenomenon occurs due to an issue with the metabolic change since the basal metabolism plummets due to the drastic change to a low-calorie diet, in relation to what was ordinarily consumed.

Then, the body system begins to spend less as a defense measure, that is, the metabolism slows down and, after a while, it gets used to subsisting on fewer calories than it needs.

How to avoid the rebound effect on a detox diet?
How to avoid the rebound effect of a detox diet?

Then when you stop the diet and start eating the same as before, (which means twice or more of the calories that the body was consuming during the strict diet) the already slowed down metabolism cannot burn the calories and they accumulate in the form of fat very fast.

Let me clarify that the rebound effect is not an immediate and normal consequence of losing weight or seeking to feel better. But it is a consequence of the type of diet to lose weight that is carried out.


How to avoid the rebound effect on a detox diet?
How to avoid the rebound effect on a detox diet?

How to avoid the rebound effect of a detox diet?

#1. One kilo a week. The rebound effect is caused by too-fast weight loss and low-calorie intake. The most advisable thing is to do a detox diet that allows you to lose at most one kilo per week. In this way, your body and brain adapt perfectly to the loss of kilos.

#2. High protein diet. Once you finish the detox diet and have lost the weight you wanted, you should start a high-protein diet that will help you maintain your current weight.

Protein-rich diets are perfect to avoid the rebound effect. Proteins help you maintain muscle mass and satisfy hunger.

#3. Avoid eating foods high in sugar. Once you finish the diet, avoid eating foods rich in sugar at all costs since in this way you will not produce the dreaded rebound effect.

Choose to eat products rich in fiber and low in sugar to satisfy your hunger and not eat too much between meals.

#4. Eat what you want one day a week. Choose a day of the week to eat what you prefer but without exceeding it. In this way, you will not be tempted to eat high-calorie foods at all times.

#5. Drink a lot of water. It is highly recommended that you drink a lot of water throughout the day, as well as being very healthy, it helps you to be satiated and not to eat unnecessarily.

At least you should consume 8 glasses of water daily. Drinking a glass before each meal helps to reduce your hunger quickly, boosting metabolism and reducing anxiety

#6. Have a food journal, where you write down each meal you eat. This will support you to remove potentially harmful and fattening foods; You will also be able to develop a food routine and eliminate the frequency of snack intake.

#7. Avoid buying knick-knacks like chips, junk foods, and packaged processed foods.

#8. Discipline your brain to like healthy diets and dislike junk foods.

#9. Rather than eating less, eat right! Stick to a healthy diet that doesn’t have to be boring, or avoid eating the same thing every day

#10. Exercise to lose calories constantly, since with this muscle training the muscles suffer micro-tears that will make the body continue spending energy to recover, boosting muscle tone and maintaining a healthy weight.

#12. Sleep at least 8-9 hours every night, so that your body metabolism is activated and the body burns fat. Lack of sleep also increases cortisol levels, which can lead to rapid weight gain.

#13. Eat slowly and chew your food well, so that the satiety signal reaches the brain and avoid eating too much.

#14. Consume at least 8 glasses of water daily. Drinking a glass before each meal helps to satisfy our hunger quickly, improving our metabolism and reducing anxiety

#15. Avoid very restrictive or nutritionally unbalanced diets, having to eat a varied and balanced diet.


To avoid the rebound effect after a detox diet it is important to do a food re-education, making lifestyle changes that can be adopted forever. Weight loss goals should be progressive and consistent without a rebound effect.

Also, it is crucial to include satiating foods such as those high in lean proteins, rich in fiber, and with a high water content such as egg whites, fish, legumes, fruits, and vegetables, among others.


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