Watermelon is one of the freshest fruits that exist and, in turn, is capable of producing numerous benefits in the woman’s body, issues for which it is usually a food around which to pivot the development of a diet of character depurative.

Among other things, we can say that watermelon is diuretic and detoxifying, reduces high levels of bad cholesterol in the blood, contains vitamins A and C, potassium and beta-carotene. Such is the case that a well-known detox food routine lasting one day has been generated from this product.

How to carry out the watermelon detox diet

  • Watermelon contains a large amount of water, is rich in fiber as well as low in sodium, carbohydrates and simple sugars, which makes it very suitable for all women with diabetes. Its high potassium content, as we have already mentioned, makes it a very valuable product to regulate both cardiovascular functions and blood pressure.
  • Although, being strict to the truth, the reason that watermelon is considered a detox fruit is its diuretic function since, from it, it facilitates the elimination of waste through urine.
  • The purifying watermelon diet menu is divided into five meals in a single day, and can be configured as follows: at breakfast green tea and 200 grams of watermelon; in the mid-morning a low-fat yogurt; At lunch we can eat all the amount of watermelon we want, until we are completely satisfied; at snack a portion of low-calorie gelatin, an infusion of horsetail and 200 grams of watermelon; at dinner a portion of vegetable puree, a grilled chicken or turkey breast fillet and, as at lunch, all the amount of watermelon we want to eat.
  • It is an enormously restrictive detox regime, so we must respect its duration and not exceed that recommended day. In case you have any kind of doubt in this regard, we recommend, before starting any food planning, to consult with a nutrition expert who can guide us in a more professional way towards the objectives that we have set for ourselves.


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