There are many voices that have been raised in recent times reciting praises about detox diets. Without any fear of being wrong, we can affirm that these are regimes that are reaching quite high levels of popularity, either due to the immense promotion that is being carried out both in the written media and on the Internet or due to the kind properties that their follow-up infers.

One of its secrets lies in the simplicity of the preparation, since being based almost exclusively on the consumption of fruits and vegetables, routines are very easy to adapt to the home economy.

Easily prepare a detox diet at home

  • Although all that glitters are not gold. Precisely, the excessive restriction of nutrients proposed by some of the cheeriest manifestations of detox diets can become, in the long term -especially if we do not have the supervision of a nutrition professional-, in a stumbling block capable of generating negative consequences on our health.
  • The imbalance, as if that were not enough, can progress progressively as long as we keep this eating routine active, directly affecting the quality of our lifestyle. For this reason, and although it is easy to prepare a detox program at home, we recommend that it not be done without prior medical consultation.
  • For the most curious, an example of a home detox menu could be set up as follows: for breakfast two toasts of whole wheat bread, a carrot, pear and celery juice and an infusion of cardamom; in the middle of the morning, a low-fat yogurt and a grapefruit and apple juice; for lunch, a mixed vegetable salad, a serving of brown rice with sautéed green peppers and asparagus and an infusion of ginger; in the snack three slices of pineapple to the natural and a low-fat yogurt; for dinner pumpkin, carrot and spinach puree.
  • As we can see, it is a diet that almost completely dispenses with protein, an issue that can make the body of certain women vulnerable to getting sick quickly. Whatever our decision in this regard, it is not recommended to follow a diet of these characteristics beyond seven days in a row.


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