Detox juices are a very particular way of increasing our daily consumption of both vegetables and fruits. In all the media they do not stop repeating the importance of these products for the body, however their acquisition is below processed and precooked foods. If we dedicate part of our time to practicing any type of sport, we fully understand the importance that these foods can have in our lives. Some of them can even help us improve our performance in the gym.

Detox juice recipes to drink at the gym

  1. Citrus detox juice with spinach: It is a sweet drink that will provide us, above all, with vitamin C and minerals such as calcium and sodium. We have to squeeze two medium-sized oranges together with a grapefruit and blend the mixture with a banana and about 150 grams of spinach leaves. It is a very light detox juice in which there is a presence of vegetables without being excessively noticeable in its flavor.
  2. Apple, celery and cucumber detox juice: The apple is pure fiber and the cucumber provides, above all, liquid. In this way, what we need for the body to recover from an effort in the gym is present with these two products. As if that were not enough, the addition of celery provides an increase in the production of red blood cells, which are responsible for bringing both oxygen and nutrients to the cells that they need for their subsistence. To prepare this mix we have to put two peeled green apples, a medium-sized cucumber and a couple of celery sticks through the blender.
  3. Detox juice of celery, apple and beetroot: Apart from the properties already mentioned in the previous juice, beetroot will change the color of the mix and, in addition, it will provide properties such as a greater amount of vitamin C and iron in the body. For its preparation, we have to introduce two branches of celery, a green apple, a small cucumber and a beetroot into the blender. If the result is excessively pasty, we can reduce it with a small amount of coconut water.


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