There is controversy about the relevance of detox diets, so -in the event that we decide to follow any of them- the duration becomes another variable susceptible to controversy, since shorter cleansing eating routines will be more intense and, therefore, more restrictive in terms of nutrient consumption, and the longest, on the other hand, will tend to be more balanced and, ultimately, healthier.

Such is the number of cases that can occur that the duration of a diet will depend almost absolutely as much on the objectives that we have set ourselves as on the capacity of our own metabolism.

Detox diets, short or long?

  • Experts in this type of cleansing regimes do not usually recommend short diets since they can be dangerous for the health of the woman who carries them out. Excessively intense and reduced schedules can not only affect the development of symptoms such as general weakness, headaches or digestive abnormalities, but they are also likely to cause a strong rebound effect, allowing us to return to our old habits without any a sufficiently influential dietary evolution.
  • On the other hand, all those women who follow a balanced diet throughout the year will not need any detox cure, either short or long term. Currently, and in order to make these new trends compatible with traditional eating habits, many nutritionists choose to introduce a series of products and recipes -such as seaweed, smoothies and juices- that provide a continuous and progressive sensation into the eating routines prepared for specific patients. detoxification of the organism.
  • In this way we can conclude that detox diets do not have to have a specific execution period, the most pertinent and correct decisions being those that tend to elaborate specific plans according to the needs and objectives that each one of us considers. Given the case, consultation with a nutrition expert will become an absolutely necessary fact to establish the appropriate duration of the eating routine.


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