When we talk about detox therapies that we can buy in pharmaceutical establishments, we are referring rather to the classic parapharmacies, stores where all those items that are not medicines can be sold.

Category in which we can introduce these detox plans that, on the other hand, are based on the consumption of natural supplements with the aim of eliminating all those substances that are likely to harm our body. There are numerous products that sell this type of benefits, especially homeopathic ones, which are always highly questioned because they do not offer medical guarantees.

Detox Pharmaceuticals

  • The natural supplements that have as their primary objective the detoxification of certain parts of the body perform, precisely, a work of complementation to the organs of the human body that perform this function, that is, the kidneys, intestines, skin and liver.
  • Depending on whether it enhances one or the other properties, these supplements will favor the elimination of toxins by one or the other organ. It must also be taken into account that, although certain products of this type can help burn fat, losing weight is not their primary objective, so at no time should they stand out as a motor of action.
  • There are properties that can be established as parallel to weight loss since, in some sense, they can enhance this work. This is the case of draining products such as green tea that help kidney functions function more effectively, mobilizing body fluids with the aim of promoting the elimination of toxins through urine.
  • However, although in some women it can promote weight loss, its use does not necessarily imply a weight loss process.
  • Apart from the detox therapies with a homeopathic origin, it is possible to purchase a series of products in these parapharmacies that can enhance the detoxification work already carried out by the human body itself. This is the case of aloe vera-based supplements, appropriate to cleanse the liver of both toxins and heavy metals, or extracts from plants such as fennel, dandelion, mallow, or lantana buds.


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