Some official nutrition associations such as the FIAB in Spain- affirm that all those detox diets that are based on the massive intake of concentrated fruit and vegetable smoothies do not have any type of purifying effect and, in addition, can generate health risks of the people who carry them out. This questions all the defenders of this type of eating routines, who maintain that these regimes are capable of not only achieving effective weight loss but also cleaning the body of all those toxins that have accumulated over time.

The real efficiency of detox diets

  • Nutritionists who criticize detox diets affirm that the fact of having a juice or a fruit and vegetable smoothie whatever they are- cannot fully replace one of the five meals that we carry out throughout the day, since that the human body needs a greater amount of calories and, therefore, certain nutrients that this type of food cannot provide us. The intake of both juices and smoothies is very positive in isolation, but we cannot leave other foods aside.
  • As if that were not enough, many nutrition experts have denied that this kind of eating routine based on the massive consumption of smoothies and fruit and vegetable shakes is capable of providing any cleansing effect. In this way, they state that the human organism already has its own internal cleansing system -through organs such as the kidneys, the intestine or the liver, which correct and regulate all those specific excesses that may have been committed.
  • The key, therefore, for the effective detoxification of the organism lies in keeping precisely this mechanism healthy, especially the liver and kidneys. Carrying out a healthy, varied and balanced diet that also includes a large variety of vegetables and fruits is absolutely sufficient to maintain the health of our body. Thus, there will be no need to restart it for having continually abused food and drink, but simply to give it a necessary balance.


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