Detox diets are food routines specifically outlined to define two basic objectives: on the one hand, to lose weight in a short space of time and, on the other hand, to cleanse the different organs that make up the digestive system of toxins.

To carry out these achievements, the diet must be very well defined, so that, from the very beginning of the planning, we know exactly what foods we can use and what products we have to discard from our pantries.

Although a multitude of ingredients can be included in a smoothie, there are certain foods that should be avoided in order not to boycott the routine.

Smoothies that are not recommended on a detox diet

  • We can accurately conceptualize all those shakes that we must avoid during the development of a detox diet. For this, it is enough for us to know the foods that are not allowed in these routines and, therefore, not include them when we are going to prepare one of these drinks.
  • In this way, we should keep the following ingredients away from our detoxifying shakes: table sugar, carbonated water-based drinks, saturated fats such as butter, sweet creams or custards, products made from refined flours, milk from cow, sweetened juices, sweetened yoghurts, canned goods and fruit yoghurts.
  • Products such as artificial seasonings, ice creams, sweets, caffeine, alcohol, sweets, chocolate, cream and syrups are also not suitable foods to include in our detox shakes. By avoiding these ingredients and sticking to the fruits and vegetables marked out in the eating routines that we are following, we will be able to promote the making of cleansing shakes that combine perfectly with our objectives.
  • If you have any doubts about it, you can always consult a nutrition expert who can objectively define all those foods, both allowed and prohibited in the framework of carrying out a detox diet. Thus, we will be able to make shakes that meet the requirements imposed by these regimes, being also healthy for our body.


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