Detox diets, in addition to obvious weight loss, also promise issues such as high energy and a continuous feeling of well-being.

These objectives, as we can understand for obvious reasons, have clearly psychological implications since they establish the possibility of feeling good beyond what the regimen seeks on a physical level, either by losing weight itself or by the supposed cleansing of toxins to which submits to the digestive system. However, the little balance offered by this type of cleansing eating routines can cause mental destabilization.

Detox diets and their psychological burden 

  • According to nutrition experts, the only sense they find in this type of detox diet is purely commercial. What they do, precisely, when they talk about purification or detoxification, is to launch, through the media and the celebrities who promote them, a message that is very attractive to people, but without any scientific foundation. In this way, we can enter a diet that is, by nature, excessively restrictive and without any type of medical supervision, so it is possible that we will not be able to positively resolve all the objectives that we have set for ourselves.
  • In the event that we intend to lose weight, the enormous restriction to which detox diets subject us -by focusing food almost exclusively on the massive intake of both fruits and vegetables- can generate a strong rebound effect at the end of the routine, to such an extent point that we not only quickly recover the lost weight but also add a few extra kilos due to the fat accumulated during its development. Obviously, in women who are especially sensitive to their body weight, it is possible that broken promises can lead to severe depression.
  • To avoid these psychological effects, we must take into account, in advance, what goals we can achieve through a slimming diet. And we can only obtain these data through medical supervision that is specialized and individualized, since it may adhere to our requirements based on the physical conditions that we present.


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