One of the great difficulties that any woman can find when carrying out a detox diet is the occasional increase in the consumption of both fruits and vegetables. And it is that, let’s be honest, these are products that sometimes it is difficult for us to include in our daily diet, whatever the reason we use to justify said absence. We give you 5 detox smoothie recipes for dinner according to this diet.

The shake is an effective way to facilitate the intake of some of these foods that, under normal conditions, we would not take otherwise, especially at meals such as dinner, where fatigue can overcome us when preparing succulent dishes. Take note of the following recipes!

How to make detox smoothies for dinner?

  1. Vanilla Kiwi Smoothie Recipe

With this delicious kiwi and vanilla shake we can cover the daily requirement of vitamin C. For its preparation we need two peeled kiwis, a skimmed vanilla yogurt, two small bananas, a tablespoon of honey and half a cup of water.

  1. Red fruit smoothie recipe

This red fruit smoothie has many antioxidant properties. We need a quarter of a glass of goji berries, half a glass of raspberries, half a glass of currants, half a glass of blueberries, a quarter of a glass of blackberries, a cup of water and two tablespoons of flax seed. Optionally, and in order to balance macronutrient intake, we can add 15 grams of protein powder.

  1. Strawberry Detox Smoothie Recipe

It is a combination with an important contribution in fiber and protein. We must prepare it with a cup of skimmed milk -or low-fat soy milk-, half a banana, a tablespoon of protein powder and half a cup of strawberries. In summer, we can add a little ice to taste.

  1. Diuretic shake recipe

We must have ingredients such as half a skimmed Greek yogurt with lemon or vanilla, half a glass of papaya cut into pieces, half a glass of blueberries, a bunch of lettuce, half a glass of pineapple cut into pieces and three quarters of a glass of water.

  1. Spinach detox smoothie recipe

It is some drink rich in antioxidants and fiber as well as low in fat. For its preparation, we need two cups of cucumber, half a tablespoon of fresh powdered ginger, two cups of spinach, a head of celery, the juice of one lemon and two apples.


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