Detox diets are specifically designed to purify the different organs that make up the digestive system while gradually helping us lose body weight.

This is due to the fact that food plans of this type are based on an almost exclusive consumption of fruits and vegetables. Therefore, if what we want is to maintain weight while we detoxify our body, we will have to increase the number of calories ingested per day in addition to introducing foods that provide protein and carbohydrates.

A detox plan for the ideal weight 

  1. Day 1: For breakfast, it is best to eat two toasts of whole wheat bread with a little fresh cheese, pineapple juice and green tea; in the mid-morning a fresh fruit salad and a low-fat yogurt; for lunch, a mixed vegetable salad, a vegetable broth, a grilled chicken breast fillet and a low-fat yogurt; at snack an infusion of horsetail; at dinner a vegetable cream, a grilled white fish fillet and an apple.
  2. Day 2: at breakfast a bowl with whole grains and skimmed milk and a red tea; in the middle of the morning a couple of slices of cold turkey and orange juice; for lunch, a plate of white rice with chicken, a vegetable broth and a pear; in the snack three whole meal cookies and a green tea; at dinner a vegetable soup, squid with tomato sauce and two slices of pineapple naturally.
  3. Day 3: for breakfast a fruit salad with kiwi, orange and pineapple, a toast of whole wheat bread with turkey cold cuts and a red tea; in the middle of the morning a pineapple juice and a low-fat yogurt; for lunch, a grilled white fish fillet, a mixed vegetable salad and green tea; at snack an infusion of horsetail and a skimmed yoghurt; at dinner a grilled turkey fillet, steamed vegetables and an apple.


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