Detox juices and shakes represent the latest trend in terms of maintenance, cleansing and slimming food routines. It is not strange to see photos of some of the best-known celebrities, such as Paris Hilton, Alessandra Ambrosio or Sarah Jessica Parker, walking down the street holding on to one of these supposedly detoxifying preparations.

After the resounding success it has had in the United States, detox fashion begins to spread throughout the world and, as a consequence, a multitude of written and digital media echo it, creating a favorable context for a large number of women to consider taking carry out such planning.

Detox diets and addiction

  • From a medical point of view, it cannot be said that there are addictions to detox diets as such, since there are different configurations with, in turn, varying degrees of food restrictions. However, it is possible to emphasize in this regard two considerations that appear closely associated with this type of eating routine: the massive intake of fruits and vegetables and occasional fasting. Although it is an enormously exceptional scenario, the truth is that some cases of addiction to fasting have been typified, a practice that, from a medical point of view, has been criticized on many occasions given the risks it can entail for the health of those who they practice it.
  • On the other hand, the fruits that are used to prepare the enormous number of smoothies that make up a detox plan are foods rich in simple sugars. Excess sugar in the blood whatever the source it comes from- can cause hypoglycemia and, in turn, the need to consume a greater amount of this substance, which, ultimately, generates a huge addiction than what it can be difficult to get out.
  • In order not to fall into a strong addiction to sugar derived from the massive consumption of fruit, nutrition specialists recommend that diets, purifying or not, result in balanced as well as healthy plans. This, ultimately, translates into the introduction of a greater variety of foods into the diet. If in doubt, we recommend consulting a professional.


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