One of the ballasts generated by following a detox diet results precisely in the lack of balance that it gives to our health. We must bear in mind that this type of food planning is defined by the massive consumption of both fruits and vegetables, ignoring the intake of some essential macronutrients for the body such as proteins or carbohydrates. This generates a potential rebound effect that can ruin all our efforts. To avoid this circumstance, we must adequately plan the diet after the cleansing regimen.

Balanced diet to recover from a detox plan

  1. Day 1: for breakfast an apple, a low-fat yogurt and a green tea sweetened with stevia; in the middle of the morning a glass of skimmed milk and a pear; for lunch a mixed salad with tomato, carrot, lettuce and beetroot and a grilled chicken breast fillet; at snack an orange and a horsetail infusion; at dinner steamed braised vegetables and a cup of strawberries.
  2. Day 2: for breakfast an orange juice, a toast of whole wheat bread and a green tea; in the mid-morning a green detox smoothie; for lunch, a mixed salad with escarole, onion, gherkins and radishes and a steamed white fish fillet; at snack two tangerines and a skimmed yogurt; at dinner two boiled eggs, a plate of pumpkin cream and two slices of pineapple in nature.
  3. Day 3: for breakfast a carrot juice, a portion of low-calorie cheese and two whole-grain crackers; in the middle of the morning an apple and an infusion of horsetail; in the kitchen a vegetable soup, a grilled turkey breast fillet and a pear; at snack a glass of lemon detox water and a skimmed yogurt; at dinner steamed vegetables, ham and two mandarins.


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