Summer, as it happens in certain winter dates such as Christmas, is a time given to food excesses. The good weather and the vacations that we seek are a scenario in which relaxation and recreation invite us, many more times than we wish, to take food in a not very serious way.

For this reason, some nutritionists establish specific detox plans for the summer season, so that, in some way, we can compensate for bad habits with certain nutritional guidelines that are healthy for the body.

How to carry out a detox diet in summer

  1. Day 1: for breakfast a coffee with skimmed milk, two toasts of whole meal sliced ​​bread and an orange juice; in the middle of the morning an infusion of horsetail and a grapefruit; for lunch, grilled cuttlefish with a little garlic and parsley; in the snack a green tea and a low-fat yogurt; at dinner a fruit skewer and baked squid.
  2. Day 2: for breakfast a green tea, a slice of whole meal bread with Serrano ham and a little oil and a pear; in the middle of the morning an infusion of ginger and a low-fat yogurt; for lunch, a salad of peppers and avocado with mussels; at snack a carrot and orange juice and an infusion of horsetail; at dinner a grilled chicken breast fillet and a slice of watermelon.
  3. Day 3: for breakfast oat cereals with a little skimmed milk and two tangerines; in the middle of the morning a red tea and an apple; at lunch chicken with vegetables at Chilindrón; in the snack an infusion of cardamom and a low-fat yogurt; for dinner pumpkin, celery and onion cream and flavored low-fat yogurt.
  4. Day 4: for breakfast two toasts of whole meal sliced ​​bread with low-calorie jam, a coffee with skimmed milk and an orange juice; in the middle of the morning 30 grams of nuts and a green tea; for lunch caprese salad with tomato and baked rabbit; at snack an infusion of horsetail and grapefruit juice; at dinner sea bass curls and a slice of watermelon.


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