The concern for aesthetics and the maintenance of a healthy body is generating the emergence of proposals that seek to expose the natural against the chemical and artificial.

This is the case of the detox diet, a kind of food planning that seeks to combine a capacity for rapid weight loss with the attempt to eliminate unnecessarily accumulated toxins in the different organs that make up the digestive system. And these tasks are carried out through the reduction of food to its minimum expression: fruits and vegetables. This evident imbalance can generate patent risks in the health of those who carry out these regimes.

What are the risks of carrying out a detox diet?

  • Detox diets, while increasing the intake of both liquids and fruits and vegetables, eliminate certain foods from the daily routine such as those of animal origin, alcohol, flour, refined sugars, tobacco or caffeine.
  • Due to their own intrinsic characteristics, these are plans that do not usually extend beyond seven days, since their nutritional deficits could cause major imbalances in the human body. In fact, there are known cases in which some women have suffered memory and speech disorders due to excess water and lack of salt.
  • Nutritionists comment on cleansing diets that, although it is true that some foods we eat introduce harmful substances into the body, the body itself is designed to eliminate all unnecessary toxins by itself, and it does so through of specific organs such as the liver or kidneys. Therefore, the risk we assume by excessively restricting the intake of macronutrients is not worth it at all, as the result can be disastrous for our health.
  • Gastrointestinal disorders can also pose another serious problem that arises as a result of following a detox regimen. Once this type of planning has been completed and previous eating habits have been resumed, the stomach can react in a strange as well as violent way, causing a series of anomalies that may even require the intervention of a doctor in order to solve them.


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