One of the latest trends among celebrities -both from the world of fashion and cinema, bloggers and, more recently, among ordinary women to lose weight, as well as to eliminate toxic substances that have accumulated in the different organs that make up the digestive system, is the detox diet.

These are cleansing diets that replace the main meals with fruit and vegetable smoothies or, in their most extreme versions, even opt for intermittent fasting therapies. Given this scenario so prone to nutritional restriction, many specialists are warning of its potential dangers.

Reasons why detox diets are dangerous

  • Detox diets, as we have previously mentioned, are based on a massive intake of fruits, vegetables, liquids, and water while eliminating other products such as alcohol, foods of animal origin, caffeine, sugar, flour, and tobacco. One of the main dangers of this type of eating routine is the dreaded rebound effect, that is, the high capacity to recover lost weight once you return to a more or less normal diet. Some symptoms such as apathy, tiredness, headaches or nausea have also been medically diagnosed in those women who have followed a plan of this type.
  • According to some studies carried out in this regard, the reality is that, despite what they say, these detoxifying diets fail to cleanse or purify our body. In fact, the human body already has its own mechanisms to eliminate all those waste substances that have been stored properly. For these organs to function well, they need energy, which is why systems such as fasting or semi-fasting do not make any sense since they pose deficiencies in this regard.
  • Although, a priori, it may seem that carrying out a diet based on the intake of fruit and vegetable juices cannot be harmful at an organic level, the truth is that many nutrition experts warn that since it is such an unbalanced diet at a nutritional, can cause abnormalities such as diarrhea, hypoglycemia, flatulence and even heartburn.


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